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Virginia: A Photographic Journey

Carillon Tower, Richmond VA

The Carillon,
1300 Blanton Avenue
Richmond VA

Carillon Tower

The Carillon is both a tower and a large scale musical instrument, one of a class of instruments which are the largest on earth. This 240-foot Georgian 56-bell tower is a memorial to Virginians who died fighting in World War I.

The bells are played by a baton keyboard, worked by a person using feet and fists to propel the striking mechanism to sound off the individual one-note bells.

November 2017

Carillon Tower RIchmond Renovation

The Virginia War Memorial - Gold Star Mothers - Carillon Bell Tower is undergoing renovation / November 2017. Click image for enlarged photo with readable text.

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(Below: Carillon Bell Tower at Dogwood Dell, July 4, 2010 - see enlarged)
Carillon Tower

Photos by Erik Weems - for prints:

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