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VMFA Museum at night - Photo Erik Weems The reflecting pool at the Virginia Museum of Fine ArtsVMFA MUseum in the SnowThe Pauley Center viewed from the Restaurant AMUSE at the VMFAVMFA Museum at night

Virginia Museum of Fine Art

200 North Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23220


Multiple structures are combined together to form the Richmond's Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. A large central hall in the newer structure acts as a central space to go up, down, right or left in order to visit the different halls. The third floor contains a good selection of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, the second floor with separate halls in both the old original Museum building and the newer building, spanning eras of art from ancient India, Egypt, Greece and Rome up to the pop-art and post-modernism of the contemporary art scene, with in between eras covered also, with emphasis on Virginia artworks and Virginia history including the native American tribes and the experience of African-Americans.

A vast under-floor contains traveling exhibits and is assessable, as is most of the museum, by elevator or the networks of stairs. A cafe and an abundance of outside areas make the entire Virginia Museum of Fine Arts a visually fascinating Richmond institution.

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Sunken Cities of Egypt in Virginia

At the VMFA Museum in Richmond - More photos

VMFA - Virginia Museum of Fine Art 2

VMFA - Virginia Museum of Fine Art 3

2017 Yves Saint Laurent exhibit

Yves St Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent exhibit VMFA

VMFA Museum

The VMFA Museum viewed from the parking garage, Oct 2020

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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts



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