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James River- Richmond Virginia James River - Richmond Virginia

James River  - Richmond VAJames River  - Richmond VAJames River  - Richmond VA Water on James River - Richmond VANickel Bridge Sunset - over the James River

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Virginia: A Photographic Journey

James River

James River - October - Richmond VA

James River - Richmond VA

Facts about the James River

The James River is 348 miles long, and is attached to an upper tributary called the Jackson River, which is 96.4 miles long.

The river was originally called the Powhatan River, named for the chief of the Powhatan Confederacy of Native American tribes. The English colonists named it the "James" river after King James I of England.

James River Autumn

High water on the James River

High Water on the James River

The Varina Enon Bridge over the James River

Varina Enon Bridge Richmond VA James River

Sycamore Bark on tree along the James River near Richmond, Virginia

Sycamore Bark on tree along the James River near Richmond Virginia

Sycamore Bark

Geese riding the current on the James River

Geese on the James River Richmond VA

Moss on rock along James River

Photos by Erik Weems - for prints:

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