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Church Hill Richmond Virginia St Johns Church at Church Hill Richmond Virginia StJohn's Recreation CHurch Richmond St Johns Church in the Snow St Johns Episcopal Church in the snow Richmond Virginia St Johns Church in Richmond Virginia - side view Chapel on grounds St Johns Church Chapel in the snow at St Johns Church Church Hill in the snow back of ST John's Church

St. John's Church in Richmond Virginia

Built 1741

Called the "historic St. John's Church" in the tourist literature because of it's age and being the location for several important events in American history. Site of the Patrick Henry "give me liberty or give me death" speech, along with visits there by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The church itself is a colonial era structure with a variety of grave markers from across the centuries and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1961.

There are tourist facilities on the grounds which feature daily tours - see the web site at Historic St John's Church.

Buried on the grounds are Daniel DeNoon, Gov. John Page, Elizabeth Arnold Poe (mother of Edgar Allan Poe), Thomas Wilson White and George Wythe.

Local structures to the church include examples of 19th century Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate and Queen Anne.

The church itself has a functioning congregation known as St. John's Episcopal Church.

Costume Colonial Recreation St John Church

Rose carved memorial stone at St. John Church

Brothers Rose carved tomb memorial stone in Richmond at St Johns Church

At St. John's Church at Church Hill. Text of the stone:

tribute of affection
to the memory of
Born in Southampton
County 9th March 1810.
Died in Richmond
20 April 1837.

John Denegre stone at St Johns church Richmond Virginia

Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass at St John'sCHurch Richmond Virginia

St Johns Church Graves in the Snow
St Johns Church Steeple
Magnolia in the Snow - Richmond Virginia

Elizabeth Arnold Poe

Elizabeth Arnold Poe - Richmond Virginia St Johns Church Grave Stone Marker

Elizabeth Arnold Poe is the mother of Edgar Allan Poe.

More about Poe at

James Wilson grave stone marker St Johns Church
Cyerus Grave Marker St John Church Richmond Virginia

Richmond from Libbey Park Richmond Virginia

Photos by Erik Weems - for prints:

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